About Ken

STATISTICS: Height: 6’4″, Weight: (depends on when you ask)

7243_nFamily: Married Zdena Nagyova on May 31st, 2008. Our son Lucas Otto Quigley was born on April 2nd, 2009, and our daughter, Victoria Meggie Quigley, arrived 16 months later on August 27th, 2010.
I also have a step daughter from my first marriage, known simply as “the Megster”.

STRENTGHS: Sense of humour, and my work ethic. Weaknesses: I used to say “too trusting”, but that has passed with age. I suppose my weakness now is being too direct. If you’re stupid, you’ll hear it first from me.

keystroke_LogoPROFESSIONAL LIFE: I started Keystroke Quality Computing Inc. as an IT company in 1994. And while it has evolved over the years, it is still going strong after almost 20 years, and has emerged as one of the most successful ACT! sales & Support businesses in North America.

UNBACADEMIC: Graduated from Don Mills C.I. in 1984. Moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick, where I completed the first half of my Honours degree in Political Science. I returned to Toronto in 1987, and completed my degree at York University in May 1989.

ACT! CERTIFIED CONSULTANT: Since 1994, I have used the ACT! Contact Management sACCPlat(1)oftware, which has been the number #1 selling CRM program for a quarter century. In 2007, I became certified in Sage ACT!, and since then I have sold more licenses than anyone else in the province. In fact, we now sell more than all other ACT! Certified Consultants combined, and in 2013 we became #1 in Canada.

QBSAQUICKBOOKS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR: As a user of Quickbooks since Version 2.0 for DOS, I guess you can say I “backed the right horse” as QuickBooks is now the #1 selling accounting program for small businesses in the world.  In 2007 I wrote my certification exam, and now can bear the title QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor.

UNION TRAINING: Completed the “Beginners” and “Advanced” Steward Training program with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (I later served as Chief Steward of CUPE Local 2191 for 2 years, as well as Newsletter Publisher). While I have been an employer since 1994, many of the lessons I learned during my negotiations with management back then have served me and my employees well in the Human Resources part of business.

BOATICPSNG: In 1993 I completed the Canadian Power And Sail Squadrons “Boating” Course (3-month program), and have been an active dues paying member with the Birchcliffe Squadron ever since. In that time I served as newsletter editor for three years and Treasurer for three more.

REAL ESTATE: I completed all the required courses, and became registered in 1994 as a member in good standing with the Toronto Real Estate Board, Realtorand have remained so ever since. While ultimately I enjoyed much greater success in commercial real estate, I did buy and sell the last few properties I’ve lived in.

MCSE CERTIFICATION: I successfully passed all the required exams for mMCSE3y Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer designation. The training and subsequent certifications were a good jump start into networking in the mid’90’s for me, but much of my work in IT, ACT!, database & website hosting, has been built upon that earlier experience.

INTERESTS: These have evolved over the years. The exciting tales I used to tell as bachelor have given way to more sedate practices as a parent. While not always exciting, or even sane, they are infinitely more rewarding. My spare time after being a business owner & parent is predictably in short supply, but what there is of it is spent computing; walking the “hounds”; dining out; traveling; reading, learning, and hanging out with my wife.

BLASTS FROM THE PAST: In university I championed the cause of the youth program “Katimavik” by launching a 16-day hunger strike. At the time my actions were in support of Senator Jacques Hebert, a 62-year old senator who fasted for 21-days in support of the same cause. These 16-days featured daily interviews with the local CBC affiliates, considerable newspaper coverage, and a much publicized trip to Ottawa where I met the Senator in an ill-fated attempt to get him to quit his fast. In hindsight, I should have chosen a less controversial method of protest – one that would have drawn more attention to the cause and less to me.

In the late 1980’s I began a rather light-hearted collection of penguin art and figurines. After several years my family and friends got involved, and it wasn’t long before my collection began to grow to conspicuous levels. If that were not enough, I wrote a rather tongue-in-cheek letter to the editor of the Toronto Star about the rapidly swelling ranks of my penguin collection, and this drew enormous public response. It wasn’t long before I was receiving calls from across Canada, as well as a speaking engagement at a public school, and a featured spot on the CBC Radio program “Primetime” . If everyone has their 15-minutes of fame (or infamy), I should be fairly inconspicuous for the balance of my lifetime.
Below is a copy of all three Toronto Star “Letters to the Editor” that launched all the silliness. (click on thumbnails below to enlarge article)

1st Letter in 1989 to Toronto Star 2nd Letter Final Letter