Don’t just call me, call me Quigley

475841Welcome to my personal website.

It should be understood that the site was not constructed by popular demand, nor to appease the public’s insatiable curiosity with all things “Ken”. No, this site was built with lightness of intent, and with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. I share with you some information about myself, my family, and my interests, not because I assume you’re interested, or that it possesses any edifying value, but simply because I can. Judging from the fact you’ve read this far, it seems you have little better to do with your time anyway. If you’re one of my business customers and you’ve found this site by Googling my name, then stop here. What you really want to find is, Keystroke Quality Computing Inc, at 500 Gordon Baker in Toronto, where we provide actual useful information about our many ACT!, SugarCRM, Hosting, and IT related services. For those interested in 7243_ndetails of Zdena’s and my wedding which took place on May 31st, 2008, please visit for more pictures and information.

If you have visited this site at my personal invitation, then please enjoy your tour around, and leave comments if you feel so inspired.  It’s time well wasted.